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Roast Acorn Squash & Miso Soup

This soup is super simple and so very delicious. The soft, sweet roasted flesh of the Acorn Squash is balanced with salty umami of the miso paste.

Add soft roasted garlic cloves a little kick of chilli and some earthy thyme and we are on to a winner.

Yes there are lots of squash soup recipes out there but this is only one you need!



1 Acorn Squash

500ml vegetable stock

6 garlic cloves

1 heaped tbs fresh (ideally) white miso paste

a few sprigs of thyme

2 tbs olive oil



1/2 tsp chilli flakes

To serve

pumpkin seeds

sesame seeds

vegan feta(optional)

thyme sprigs

Chilli flakes

chopped hazelnuts(optional)


  1. Pre heat the oven to 180°C
  2. Line a baking tray with parchment.
  3. Cut the squash into half, deseed, drizzle with the olive oil, sprinkle with a good 1 tsp sea salt, fresh black pepper, some thyme sprigs, and chilli flakes.
  4. Lightly bash the garlic cloves and them to the tray, popping one in each half of squash.
  5. Place in the pre heated for about 30 minutes or until soft, golden and caramelised in places. Remove from the oven and set aside to cool a little.
  6. Scoop out all the flesh and place in a medium pan, squeeze out the soft garlic cloves from their skins and add to the pan.
  7. Add the miso paste and 500ml of vegetable stock, heat gentle stirring it all together.
  8. Using a stick blender or regular blender, whizz to a smooth soup. I don’t like my soup too thick, so depending on taste you can add more stock or if you like it thick add 300ml to start and more later if needed.
  9. Taste for seasoning and adjust if needs be. Re heat but do not bring to a boil.
  10. Serve in bowls topped with seeds, feta if using, maybe be some hazelnuts and a few extra thyme sprigs and chilli flakes. Don't forget crusty bread.

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