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As well as writing recipes, I’m a professional photographer and food stylist. Here are some examples of my work – if you’d like to collaborate with me, please contact me at

Photography, Food, Styling

BFree is an award-winning brand offering a range of gluten-free breads and baked goods, globally. My brief is to create delicious and inspiring recipes for all to enjoy, using products from their extensive range. My recipes feature in their marketing, packaging, website, social media and e-book. You can find more on BFree here.

UK B Free Recipe E Book US B Free Holiday Recipe E Book B Free Veganuary E Book

BFree Foods

Photography, Styling

Form is an award-winning plant-based protein and supplements brand, without compromise. My brief is to shoot their beautiful recipes, using various protein powders, for use in social media, e-books, their marketing and website. My photos also appear in the brand's print magazine, inform. To find out more about this exciting brand, head here.

Recipe PDF Banoffee recipe book V2 Choc hazelnut recipe book

Form Nutrition

Dr Megan Rossi (PhD, RD) founded The Gut Health Doctor in 2017 with a dream to empower everyone to take control of their health. As a scientist and practising clinician, she became frustrated that the ground-breaking research from her team and other colleagues around the world wasn’t reaching the public. Instead, dangerous myths and fads shared online were negatively impacting on the wellbeing of her patients.

In 2019, Megan went on to establish a London-based and online clinic for those suffering from issues in their gut and beyond. The Gut Health Clinic offers support for all nutritional needs using the latest scientifically proven strategies — from food intolerances and allergies to weight management, mental health, women’s health & more.

My work with Megan include helping develop gut friendly and loving recipes for her to share on her social channels, website and collaborations with other brands, these have recently included Holland & Barrett and Joe Wicks. I create content including, recipe creation, photography and reels. For More Information on Megan is linked here. https://www.theguthealthdoctor...

Megan Rossi 'The Gut Health Doctor'

Photography, Food, Styling

Bio & Me's brief was to develop tasty, nutritious & diverse recipes using and showcasing their products. The range includes, Granolas, Yogurts, Porridge mixes and Muesli. Bio & Me was founded by the Megan Rossi The Gut Health Doctor, so the recipes I develop need to be free of unfriendly gut foods, and full of gut loving ingredients. A challenge I relished. I create content for the brands social media, marketing and website.

Bio & Me

Photography, Styling

This was a gifted project. My brief to create a delicious cocktail that showcased the brand product.

Aztec Gold Rum

ChicP is a sustainable brand producing nutritious veggie bites and delicious healthy hummus made from surplus vegetables. The brand is founded on a passionate commitment to reducing food waste, and encouraging everyone to eat healthier, more sustainable food.

My brief was to showcase those products with various delicious serving suggestions. To find out more about ChicP, head here.


Photography, Styling

My brief was to showcase the brands delicious waffles and the versatility of product. Along with some lifestyle shots of the waffles in a real setting. The shots were to be used for their website and social media and advertising.

We Are Griddle

Photography, Food, Styling

Gifted project to create some content to be shared on my social channels, I created a recipe and made a reel and stop motion to accompany the content.

Keto Hana

Photography, Food, Styling

As well as creating beautiful images for my clients, I love working on personal projects, whether that's shooting new recipes for my community, seasonal ingredients or process shots. Some of these can also be found on my Instagram page.

Personal Projects


The Rose & Crown is a pub and fine-dining restaurant in rural Hertfordshire. My brief was to shoot some of the dishes on the menu, along with the interior spaces and the chef in action.

Rose & Crown Pub

Photography, Food, Styling

Robert Welch is an award-winning British designer, creating stainless-steel cutlery, knives, cookware and utensils, to name just a few of their timeless, elegant and highly functional products.

My brief was create a delicious recipe to showcase some of those beautiful products.

To find out more about this iconic brand, and the designer himself, please head here.

Robert Welch

Photography, Food, Styling

Moorish creates a delicious range of Humous, are various snack packs. My brief is to develop tasty simple recipes using the products along with lifestyle shots to showcase the brands range and the products versatility. The content is used for social media, their website, advertising and marketing purposes.


Food, Styling

Kimberly is a London-based food photographer, photography teacher, author, podcaster and food stylist. She holds food-photography workshops and provides creative business mentoring to food bloggers and food photographers from around the world.

I work with Kimberly as an assistant and food stylist on many of her client shoots. Some examples of the work I've styled with her is shown below (all photography is by Kimberly herself). To find out everything you need to know about Kimberly, head here.

Kimberly Espinal

Photography, Food, Styling

Oumph! is a plant-based meat-alternative brand, whose food is delicious, easy to cook, and crazy good for the environment. I've worked with Oumph! on many occasions, and my latest collaboration was to produce a reel and stills for their product. Head here for more on this awesome brand.


Photography, Food, Styling

Doves Farm is a specialist flour miller and baker that produces a range of organic flours, ancient grain flour, baking ingredients and biscuits, for people who care. My brief was to create a delicious recipe using a product from its new speciality flour range. Find more information on Doves Farm here.

Doves Farm

Photography, Food, Styling

Maple Canada asked me to create a devious seasonal recipe, sweetened only with maple syrup. This was a sponsored post, used on their website. You can find out more about Maple Canada here.

Maple Canada

Work with me.

Work with me.

Whether you’re looking for inspiring recipes, food photography, or professional styling, I’m open to hearing about your project. Find about more about working with me, or if you’d like to get in touch I’d love to hear from you.

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