My creativity and love of cooking have transformed into a passion for creating exciting, delicious plant-based recipes, professional food photography, and imaginative food styling.

After having my two daughters in my 20s, cooking became an outlet for my creativity. What started out as a hobby quickly evolved into a full-blown passion, and I realised I had a chance to forge a career out of my love of cooking. I posted my first recipe photo – a blurry snap, taken on my phone, of a lemon drizzle cake – on Instagram in January 2018. Although very basic, it was the first step on an exciting journey into a new chapter of my life.

As I gradually learnt how to shoot, edit and style my recipes, I was also moving towards a more plant-based diet. As well as being better for my health and kinder to animals and the planet, I knew dishes based around plants could be absolutely delicious.

I began by experimenting with vegan meals my family would love to eat, and today I eat a plant-based diet around 90% of the time. My approach to food has never been about preaching to people about their choices: I simply want to offer some tasty options for those times you might feel like trying a meat-free Monday, or adding more plant-based meals into your everyday life.

My mission is to show everyone that plant-based food can be imaginative but easy, satisfying and tasty, and a treat for everyone around the table.

So far, my journey has been an amazing one, and I hope you’ll join me as I take my next steps. Find out more about working together, or if you’d get to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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