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Sun-dried Tomato and Thyme Scones

Light and fluffy savoury scones, you can add many different flavours to a basic scone recipe, cheeses, and olives, various herbs, finely chopped nuts and spices. These are delicious straight from the oven with plant butter or cream cheese slathered on and maybe a dollop of chutney. They make for a tasty weekend treat.

yields 6


250g self-raising flour

50g vegan butter

1 tsp thyme leaves

½ tsp paprika

5 sundried tomatoes drained and finely chopped

½ tsp apple cider vinegar

120ml almond milk

1tsp salt

1tsp baking powder

To serve

Vegan cream cheese


Extra sun dried tomatoes


  1. Pre heat the oven to 200°C.
  2. Combine the milk and apple cider vinegar, set aside.
  3. In a bowl combine the flour, herbs, baking powder, salt, paprika.
  4. Dollop in the butter and using your fingers rub together to form very fine bread crumbs.
  5. Add in the sundried tomatoes followed by the milk, and using a knife mix together till just combined. Do not over work.
  6. Turn out onto a floured work top, form into a rough round about 3 inch thick. Cut into 6 rounds. You may need to reform the dough to get all 6 cut.
  7. Place on a lined baking tray and brush with a little almond milk.
  8. Place in the pre heated oven for about 12-15mins until risen cooked through and very lightly golden.
  9. Serve immediately or allow to cool and store in an airtight container.

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