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Fig Leaf Panna Cotta

Panna cotta might feel like something that doesn’t translate well into a plant based version, but you would be wrong quite wrong.

Once you have made one, the whole world of variations opens up, its incredible simple and actually requires relatively little effort on yoir part, just time to infuse then set. This is the ultimate get a head dessert as keeps so well in the fridge covered for a good 5-7 days.

I have note on the setting agent I used just whole foods vegeset and i used less than was stated for the amount of liquid. I suggest you do the same as with panna cotta, you want it to be just set with a very good wobble, almost on the verge of collapse but spoonable. Too much setting agent and you have a firm rubbery texture. The brand I used called 1 heaped tsp per pint (568ml), I used 1 flat tsp for this recipe.



3 fig leaves

750ml oat cream or another dairy free alternative

120g caster sugar

½ vanilla pod

1 tsp vegan setting agent I used Vegeset

To serve

4 fresh figs

1 tbs maple

Vanilla bean paste

2 tbs sweet wine, masala, or apple juice (optional)

1 fig leaf (optional)


  1. Preheat your oven to 170°C/Gas 3. Put the fig leaves in a baking tray in the preheated oven and toast for 4-5 minutes
  2. Heat the cream to just below boiling point and pour into a bowl with the toasted fig leaves. Cover and leave to infuse all day or overnight.
  1. Scrape out the seeds from ½ a vanilla pod, add seeds and pod to a small pan with the cream.
  1. Strain the cream into a pan and sprinkle over 1 tsp of vegan gelling agent and bring to the boil with the sugar.
  1. Take off the heat and pour into 4-6 small moulds or little bowls and set in the fridge for 4-6 minimum or overnight.
  1. When you are ready to serve dip the moulds into boiling water for a couple of seconds then tip onto a plate.
  1. Serve with roasted figs, fresh figs a sprinkle of dried fig leaves or chopped pistachio nuts.
  1. To serve with roasted figs, quarter and add the figs to a baking tray with the vanilla bean paste, maple and 2 tbs sweet wine/masala/ apple juice or a splash of water.
  1. Place in a pre-heated oven at 180°C Fan for about 15. Minutes until soft and juices are released.

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Work with me.

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