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Elderflower Vodka

This recipe couldn‘t be simpler, just as long as you can pick good fresh Elderflowers easily.

Do your best to pick them away from roads if possible and try your best to harvest them on a sunny day just before noon, when the flowers are open and there most fragrant.

You can use this for lots of cocktail recipes or served ice cold as a post dinner party treat. It‘s also delicious poured over lemon sorbet.



1.5 litres vodka

Peel from 1 lemon

Approx. 20-30 heads of fresh Elderflower

125g caster sugar.


  1. Give the elderflower heads a good shake to remove bugs and place in a wide necked jug or bottle with a screw top.
  2. Top with the lemon zest, sugar and vodka.
  3. Screw the lid on tight and give it a swirl around to dissolve the sugar.
  4. Leave for 2-4 weeks in a cool dark place to infuse.
  5. After which time strain the vodka through a fine sieve of muslin. Decant into bottles and leave for a further 2-4 months to mature.
  6. You can drink it immediately if you wish.
  7. I recommended tasting it after maturing and adding more sugar if you prefer it sweeter. If you do I would use a sugar syrup to sweeten.

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