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Easy Fridge Fudge

I have no idea why I haven’t shared this super simple essentially 3 ingredient recipe with you guys, until now. Maybe it’s because it’s the most irresistible moreish, highly addictive, withdrawal inducing sweet treat, like ever! And because of this you will be forever cursing me for introducing it to you.

Once you have made this once there really is no going back, the flavour combinations are endless, your use of nut and seed butters is limitless. Top with chocolate of choice, and nuts or seeds, or just top with nuts or seeds, or just eat plain, I mean just get creative with one, adapt at will and enjoy with wild abandon!

20 pieces approx


1/3 cup coconut oil (no subs here)

1/3 cup nut or seed butter of choice (I used Tahini in one and nut butter in the ones pictured)

1/3 liquid sweetener, maple, date syrup, sugar free syrup, honey, agave etc. use a little less if your sweetener is particularly sweet or you like it less sweet.

1-2 tsp Spices to flavour, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, gingerbread, just vanilla, rose water, coffee or almond extract etc.

Good pinch of sea or Himalayan salt.

Optional add 2 heaped tbs Protein Powder, I only recommend Form.

Topping Suggestions

100g dark chocolate or chocolate of choice

Any nuts or seeds roughly chopped or left whole

Dried flowers, petals, sprinkles etc.


  1. Add the oil, nut or seed butter and sweetener to a small pan and warm gently until melted. You may also add your flavouring of choice and I recommend vanilla extract or bean paste as a base for everything and a good pinch of sea salt is also essential. Stir again to fully combine.
  2. Now you have options, either use a silicone mould to pour your fudge into bite sized pieces or use a small baking dish lined with parchment and cut into squares once chilled.
  3. Either way if you’re keeping it plain place into the fridge to firm up, or if topping with nuts or seeds sprinkle these on now and sprinkle with a little extra sea salt if you like, then place in the fridge.
  4. If however you are topping chocolate then chill for a good 30 minutes to hour before topping with chocolate and adding any extra toppings as above and chilling again until completely firm. Places in the freezer will speed this up.
  5. Once firm either cut into squares or pop out of moulds and store in a sealed container for up to a week, however it is unlikely to last more than a few days!
  6. This recipe multiples well and can be reduced easily. Just stick to equal parts of the main 3 ingredients ¼, ¼, ¼, or ½, ½, ½, and so on.

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Work with me.

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