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Carrot Cake Porridge

I developed this recipe when I had a real craving for carrot cake, but was trying to cut back on treats. This works beautifully to fill that space: it tastes just like a carrot cake, plus it's warming, comforting and lightly spiced.

The dollop of coconut yogurt acts like the cream cheese frosting, and the toasted pecans add some crunch. Carrots are naturally sweet – which is why we add them to cakes in the first place – and they work really well in porridge, too.

You always could swap in another type of yogurt, or use a different nut, such as walnuts, this would still be delicious.



For the porridge

1 cup jumbo oats

2.5 cups plant milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

½ tsp ground cinnamon

½ tsp allspice

¼ tsp grated nutmeg

½ tsp ground ginger

¼ cup sultanas

Zest of ½ orange

1 tbsp maple syrup

¾ cup grated carrot

To serve

Coconut yogurt, or another plant-based yogurt

Handful toasted pecans or walnuts, roughly chopped

4 tbsp maple syrup, or to taste

4 tbsp grated carrot

Sprinkling orange zest


  1. Place all the ingredients for the porridge in a saucepan and heat gently until it's warmed through and you have your preferred porridge texture. The oats should be soft, but not too mushy – I like a little bite to mine.
  2. Divide between two serving bowls and dollop some yogurt onto each, followed by the grated carrot, chopped nuts and a drizzle of maple syrup.
  3. If your porridge is quite thick, you might like to pour a little extra warmed milk around the edges, as seen above.

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